Cancer: A Change in Lifestyle, A Change in Nutrition

April is National Cancer Awareness Month, in recognition of this, we have decided to highlight this week for you, some of the changes experienced and needed in your diet when diagnosed with cancer.

Sometimes, the side effects of different cancer therapies might affect what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating as well. Different things may seem less appealing than they once were. Because of this, many times people start eating less altogether. Dealing with cancer and its therapies may also cause you to become even more sensitive to certain foods.

It’s very normal to feel overwhelmed by all of the changes in your diet. Anxiety over what foods may be the “right” or “wrong” foods is common, and can be overcome with a little truth and knowledge to help guide you along the way.

Most patients experience the same common vitamin and mineral deficiencies when they’re dealing with cancer. This can easily be remedied by multi-vitamin supplements or liquid meal replacements designed specifically to provide vitamins and minerals. Make sure to always inform your doctor about which supplements or herbal preparations you are taking, or are thinking about taking.

Common Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies:

Vitamin A

Vitamin D






Vitamin B12

Vitamin C


Also, many of these deficiencies can be made up with a proper diet and attention to the amounts being consumed, whether too much or too little.

This information and much more can be found in the handout: “Nutrition of the Cancer Patient”.  The handout is one of our Anniversary Special Items and can be found in our catalog or by visiting and searching item # 4622.

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