A Change in Lifestyle, A Change in Nutrition (Week 3)

April is National Cancer Awareness Month, in recognition of this, we have decided to highlight this week for you, some of the changes experienced and needed in your diet as a cancer survivor.

It’s common knowledge your doctor recommends a healthy diet in order to promote overall heath, but did you realize that there are some healthy eating choices you can make that might improve the chances of keeping your cancer from returning? 

A healthful diet that’s full of a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans is especially helpful as a cancer survivor. The more in your diet, and the less red meat in that same diet, can help fight cancer at several stages. The vitamins and minerals gained through this diet help the body defend itself against cancer, as well as other diseases.

Many of the protective plant phytochemicals are very helpful in seeking out toxins and carcinogens in the body and eliminating them. This protects cells, and helps them to make repairs when cell damage occurs.

Combined with a healthy amount of physical activity, this improved lifestyle can greatly increase your chances of preventing remission, and living a full, longer life.

This information and much more can be found in our handout: “Nutrition of the Cancer Survivor” One of our Anniversary Special Items in our catalog and at www.ncescatalog.com.  Item # 4625.

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