A Change in Lifestyle, A Change in Nutrition (Week 4)

April is National Cancer Awareness Month, in recognition of this, we have decided to highlight this week for you, some of the changes experienced and needed in your diet as a cancer survivor.

There is no “magic bullet” for increased health and maintained wellness in the body. The human body is composed of many different systems, all requiring different things to stay working at an optimum level, and there’s simply no single, simple answer to the equation.

The only proven way to stay healthy after beating cancer is to ensure that your diet is a healthy one, and that you maintain an appropriate level of engaging, physical activity.

Having a healthy diet can be simple though. Take a look at your plate. At least 2/3 of the food you see on there should be vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans. Only about 1/3 or less should consist of fish, poultry, lean red meat or dairy products. Anything else, such as processed red meat, should only appear occasionally.

When it comes to the vegetables and fruits, make sure that the canned varieties are packed in water or juice instead of syrup. For frozen vegetables, check the nutrition label to make sure that there isn’t any added sugar or sodium, since those should be avoided.

This information and much more can be found in our handout: “Nutrition and the Cancer Survivor” One of our Anniversary Special Items in our catalog and at www.ncescatalog.com.  Item # 4625

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