Six Picks Series – The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Enjoying Nutrition

  1. Don’t force the issue. When people choose healthy foods, but don’t choose ones that they enjoy eating, they are simply setting themselves up to want those foods they are avoiding even more.  
  2. Eat what appeals to you.  In order to really enjoy what you’re eating, stop preventing yourself from eating what you really love. If you stop beating yourself up for eating that brownie, you’ll eventually start eating healthy foods because you want them, instead of having to eat them.  
  3. Abandon the low-fat versions you don’t like. If you hate fat-free dressing, just eat the “light” version, and decide to cut out fat somewhere else in your diet. Cut fat in areas where you don’t notice the taste difference or where the result is worth the effort.
  4. Balance is good. Eat what you enjoy and know that weight control and good nutrition can be achieved by eating a combination of high and low-calorie foods.
  5. Be careful of resenting your nutritious choices. If you constantly force yourself to eat healthy foods in place of what you really want, you’re just setting yourself up to hate nutrition and desire unhealthy foods more.
  6. Think positive. Be uplifting when you think about your food choices. Instead of berating yourself for forgetting to eat vegetables one day, just make a plan to make the next day healthy and delicious so that you enjoy it that much more. Nutrition doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you enjoy.

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