Six Picks: The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Organic Foods

1. Your foods, but better. Organic foods, simply put, are foods grown using sustainable growing techniques, with the least amount of processing possible.

2. Less of what you don’t need. Organic foods haven’t been treated with pesticides or herbicides. None of the animals involved in the process have been given any drugs, antibiotics, hormones or other chemicals. Just nice, natural food.

3. It’s good for the environment. Most organic foods are fresher, since they don’t contain preservatives. Plus, they are local! This means that not only were soil and water conservation methods used to grow the food, but it’s traveled a shorter distance as well, lessening its carbon footprint.

4. Making the switch is easier than ever. Many organic foods are becoming more conventional, and most organic foods are counterparts to what you would normally eat. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk that are organically produced are widely available in grocery stores.

5. Not just plants. Now, there are organic dairy and meat products. Even prepackaged foods are earning the organic label these days. Look in the prepackaged foods aisles and notice how many are organically grown today.

6. Better for you and your taste buds. Organic foods tend to have a more natural, and better, taste than their non-organic counterparts. This is largely in part to the lack of additives and preservatives in them.

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