Dining In is the New Going Out (”7 Nutrition Trends in 2010”)

According to our previous blog post “7 Nutrition Trends in 2010,” one of the big things to do this year will be to make your home the most popular, and affordable, restaurant of all.

One of the biggest, obvious selling points of this is the savings. Since you’re not paying for the cook, the building, the clean dishes, and tipping the waiter, you have the potential for huge savings here.

Portion control is another big factor in the choice to eat out, or stay at home. The average American portion size has more than doubled in the past twenty years, which is bad news for our waistlines. By eating at home, you can roll back on those out of control portions, and ensure that everyone gets as much as they need, but not too much.

Another big bonus is the ability to control what goes into the mouths and stomachs of you and your loved ones. You can have direct control over their health and growth, and rest easy knowing that no matter what they’re eating, they’re not missing out on the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need. There are significant ways to save at the grocery store too, and there are experts who can help you learn how to save.

The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook” is a must have for anyone who’s ever cringed at a grocery receipt. If you can do basic math, and have the ambition to clip a coupon or two, you too can do amazing things to that high grocery bill. The most valuable pages in this book are the first fifty. The rest are fantastic ways to utilize all of the incredible saving techniques you learn in the first section. I was skeptical, until I thought about it. Everything Ms. Chase says is not only common sense, it makes amazing sense!

You can find this book, and many more, in our catalog and on our website at http://www.ncescatalog.com.

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