Six Picks: The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Breakfast

  1. It’s your body’s chance to catch up. Breakfast is the way to recharge your body’s blood sugar, or glucose, levels after 8 to 12 hours without a meal or snack. That makes breakfast your main source of energy until lunch.
  2. It keeps you from overeating. Eating breakfast will help you feel full longer, preventing you from snacking on high fat and high calorie foods to tide you over until your next meal.
  3. It’s even for those who aren’t hungry in the morning. While you’re asleep, your body digests that late-night meal or snack more slowly, since you’re in a resting state. After you get up, that full feeling will go away after an hour or so. Eating breakfast will counter that.
  4. Breakfast doesn’t have to be made of breakfast foods. There’s nothing wrong with a slice of veggie pizza or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. As long as it’s nutritious, then it’ll work wonders for you.
  5. Even for those on the go. If you like to sleep late, and you don’t have time to make a full breakfast, there are ways to still get that nutrition. Granola bars, string cheese, baby carrots, yogurt smoothies, and trail mix are all great starts to the day.
  6. Without it, trouble ensues. The effects of a skipped breakfast are numerous. Some of them include: short attention span, lack of alertness, slower reaction time, low blood sugar, and decreased work productivity.

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