Drink to Your Good Health

Since the month of July is National Community Health Awareness Month, we decided to offer some healthy advice that the whole community can use. And the topic this week is: a course in Beverages 101.
Most of the time, we give less thought to what we drink than what we eat, but beverages are an important element of your health and nutrition, just as food is. And, there are definitely beverages that are better for you than others.
Plain coffee has zero calories. Zero. As soon as you start adding things like creamer and sugar, the calories quickly increase.  Try skipping these additions and limiting yourself to 3-5 cups a day. If you get your coffee at a coffee shop, get your favorite drink in its fat-free, no-whip version to cut it down to only half the fat.
With sports drinks, it’s actually only helpful to you if you’re participating in a vigorous activity for 90 minutes or more in a day. Otherwise, all of the sugar and other additions add to your waistline instead of your energy levels.
Juice is good for you, as long as it’s 100% juice. And the best part is, you only need ½ cup a day to get the most out of all of the vitamins and minerals that juices have to offer.
As always, water is the body’s best friend. It fully quenches your thirst, and keeps you better hydrated than any other beverage. Drinking 8 to 16 cups a day, depending on your exercise levels, will give you the right amount of hydration and continued health throughout the day.
There’s more tips and advice in our “Beverages 101” handout and poster, which can be found in the Teaching Aids section of our catalog, or online at http://www.ncescatalog.com

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