Six Picks: The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Budget Shopping

  1. Check out the real cost. Examine the label that tells you the cost per ounce. Sometimes, you’ll find the bigger box may not always be the best deal for you. Compare between brands as well for maximum savings.
  2. Shop in season.  Whenever fruits or vegetables are out of season, their prices skyrocket, due to their having to be transported from farther away. Buy items when they’re in season to bring variety to your seasonal eating habits, and to bring relief to your wallet.
  3. Store brands are the best brands for cost. Since the store’s brands are usually significantly cheaper, and often just as tasty, they’re often the best purchase you can make when deciding to save money.
  4. Keep an eye on those coupons. If you look closely at most coupons, you’ll notice that they’re almost always for the national brands, and even with the coupon, it’s sometimes still cheaper to buy the store brand. Make sure to examine each coupon closely to see where you can really save money.
  5. Find a substitute for meats to get your protein. By buying canned beans as an occasional substitute for meats, you can save a significant part of your food budget. Meat is usually one of the highest costs in a food budget, and beans often are higher in their nutrition value.
  6. Make your own snacks. The most expensive items are usually the snacks. Try making your own for a change. A healthy trail mix, large batch pudding separated into reusable containers, things like these aren’t hard to make, nor are they expensive. Shop smart, not hard.

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