Food is the New Insurance (“7 Nutrition Trends in 2010”)

By looking at our post “7 Nutrition Trends in 2010” you can see that one of the growing ideas is that food is the new way to, well, immunize yourself, for lack of better wording. People are choosing foods to complement and protect them from diseases and defects.
Take oranges for example; a delicious fruit that also makes a great juice as well. Not only do oranges have an excellent amount of vitamins and minerals to help keep you strong and healthy, but they have a surprisingly lengthy list of ways to keep you safe from harmful diseases and such.
The high protein content in the orange helps lower cholesterol levels, which helps with overall health, especially in later life. Also, the folic acid gives the eater a lower risk of a heart attack. The high levels of potassium lower a person’s risk of stroke, while giving all of the other benefits of high potassium levels as well. Vitamin C not only prevents things, like scurvy, but it also gives you protection against some cancers. In addition, the same vitamin makes it easier to absorb iron from plant foods. And finally, the folate in the fruit lowers the risk of certain birth defects like cleft palate or spinal cord defects.
And that’s just what you get from an orange.
I pulled all of that information from a book called, appropriately enough, “The New Complete Book of Food.” It basically can tell you all of the benefits and side effects from most any food you can find in a supermarket, as well as how they interact with certain medicines. A must for anyone looking to stop sickness before it starts.  This book, and many others, can be found in our catalog or on our website at

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