Six Picks: The Top 6 Things You Need for a Stress-Free Holiday

1. Control your hunger. Make sure when you go to parties you’re hungry… but not TOO hungry. If you
aren’t hungry, you may find yourself eating simply because everyone else around you is chowing
down. But, if you’re too hungry, you may consume too much before realizing that you are overly full.
2. Keep the proper amount of baked goods on hand. Too few and you won’t have enough for the
party. Too many, and you’ll end up eating all of the extras through the ease of convenience.
3. Cut caloric corners. Have healthy alternatives on hand when baking the holiday treats. Little steps
like reducing sugar and fat contents of the ingredients, or using things like egg substitute in a recipe
will help keep you trim during the holidays.
4. Keep an eye on the vegetables. Eat a salad before going to a party, or make sure that vegetables
make up half of what’s on your dinner plate. This will cut down on sugary baked goods and will help
get you the vitamins and nutrients you need.
5. Make your holiday activities active. Go door-to-door caroling, take up skiing, do some decorating or
go ice-skating. Keep the activities over the holidays fresh and full of movement. Turn off the TV until
those winter nights come, enjoy the winter days with some active movement.
6. Get a friend involved. Making a pact with a friend to stay healthy and to go workout over the
holidays makes it easier to stick to your healthy lifestyle goals.

And, always remember, we have a dietitian on staff here at NCES who would love to answer your questions and provide any tips you need. Just give us a call at 800.NCES.BOOKS or chat online at

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