Holiday Portion Control: Side Dishes

Eating during the holidays can be tough if you’re trying to stay on a diet, or if you’re worried about eating too much. Since portion sizes have gotten out of control in the past couple of decades, it can be hard to judge how much you should be eating. When looking at the following tables, be sure to remember to eat the proper amounts of servings, as well as the proper serving sizes. Visit for more information on a balanced diet and good nutrition.

Side Dishes

Side dishes are where the most variance can occur as far as available foods, so we’ve included just a sampling, though the sizes can be relative to most side dishes. Remember to vary your side dishes to ensure you’re covering your food groups, and getting the right nutrition. Keep your calorie count in check by remembering these portion sizes:

Side Dish Serving Size Everyday Equivalent
Mashed Potatoes ½ cup ½ Baseball
Green Beans
Cranberry Salad
Baked Potato 3 oz Computer Mouse
Salad 3 cups Paperback Novel


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