Diabetes Education: What to teach?

Happy American Diabetes Month! We’re excited that November is such a great opportunity to share information about diabetes and raise awareness about this epidemic that affects approximately 25.8 million Americans.  This disease is often preventable. The key is that we have to start with education; teaching healthy habits at an early age!

First, the specifics… what is diabetes? As defined by dictionary.com, diabetes is

“A mild, sometimes asymptomatic form of diabetes mellitus characterized by diminished tissue sensitivity to insulin and sometimes by impaired beta cell function, exacerbated by obesity and often treatable by diet and exercise.”

Please note, this definition is for Type II Diabetes, or adult on-set diabetes. Diet and exercise can aid in preventing and treating this deadly disease.

Over time, those with diabetes who have high blood sugar levels (glucose levels) will damage their tissues and blood vessels. With damaged tissue, they increase their chances for MI’s and strokes, as well as eye and kidney disease.


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