The Right Size at the Right Time

Since July is National Community Health Awareness Month, we decided to offer some healthy advice that the whole community can use. And the topic this week is: Right-Sizing Your Portions.
In the past two decades or so, portion sizes have doubled when it comes to what finds its way onto our plates. It makes sense then that obesity is on the rise. Having the right sizes of portions on your plate is one of the first and easiest ways to begin living a healthier lifestyle.
When it comes to things like pizza, did you realize that a slice is considered a single serving in most cases? So when you’re looking at nutrition information for your pizza, make sure to count up how many slices you’re actually eating. The numbers add up fast, don’t they?
Instead of drinking a 32oz soda, the actual serving size you should be drinking is 12oz. Having a diet soda versus a regular wouldn’t hurt either.
Nearly every restaurant over-serves their customers, which isn’t really anything you’d find yourself complaining about. However, since these over-sized portions are there, they tend to get eaten anyway. When you go to a restaurant, try having half or your order boxed up right away, this way you can be sure that you won’t overeat, and you’ll be able to get two meals for the price of one.
It’s difficult to train oneself to eat smaller portions when much of our life has been different in that regard, but with a little control, and a lot less food, you’ll notice that your body will adjust itself accordingly. And your waistline will as well.
For a better look into what portions should look like, check out our “Right-Size Your Portions” handouts and poster online at http://www.ncescatalog.com, or in our catalog in the Teaching Aids section.