What do you want from a food tracking tool?

Food tracking tools are everywhere! From websites and apps on our cell phones and tablet & Notebook computers to printable guides on our refrigerator doors, we’ve got all kinds of food tracking tools designed to help us monitor our calorie consumption. And, if you have a fancy tracker, they even help you monitor your calories burned through exercise and other activities. But, if you’re like most, these trackers don’t help. No matter how hard you try, there is something stopping you from using the tool effectively! We want to know… what is it? What is keeping you from tracking your energy in (food) and your energy out (exercise) to become a healthier you?

For many, it is time! We barely have time throughout the day to focus on the foods we at… not to mention get to the gym. How could you ever take the time to track your daily activities? For others, the steps to calculating nutritional values are too complicated. “If I could find the numbers I needed, I would track the information.”

So, what is it for you? Here at NCES, we are in the beginning stages of creating the ultimate food tracking tool that will finally be the answer to monitoring all of  your dietary needs. We have a lot of ideas to get started. But, we need your input! What would make this app work for you? Feel free to submit your responses on this blog. Or, you can always email us at info@ncescatalog.com or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.