Office Workouts: A Prelude to Office Olympics?

By Corey M Jackson, Guest Writer

The FitDeck cards sitting on my desk are fun. It’s interesting to me to be saying that, but I can’t help but think it. All the randomness of a deck of cards, with the aim and understanding that, at the end, you’ll have gotten some physical fitness in as well. It’s most definitely a way to randomize a workout.

I, for one, get tired of doing the same exercises, day in and day out, and I haven’t ever made a workout schedule (though it’s been recommended to me on several occasions). I don’t even enter the gym as much as I should, because if it’s slightly out of the way at all, or I’ve forgotten something (like music, or gym clothes), then I’ve lost all motivation to go completely.

With this FitDeck, I’m kind of out of excuses. My FitDeck: Office Edition requires the simple equipment of a desk and an office chair. Those are easy enough to find since I work in an office with hundreds of those things around me.

I decide I want to take a break and work out for 5 minutes, so I shuffle the deck, pull out five cards and lay them on my desk. The first card is the Side Bend Stretch card. I do the exercise, paying attention to my fitness level describing how much time I need to stretch for, and then I move onto the next card. Next, it’s a Calf Raise Lower Body exercise. Then a Stomach Squeeze Middle Body exercise, followed by an Arm Waver and then a Desk Push Up Upper Body exercises.

5 minutes is over, and I’m back to what I was doing before, my heart rate a little elevated, and feeling refreshed and ready for the next time I want to take a little break from the office. Fit Deck cards are available in our catalog or at http://www.ncescatalog.com. (Just search FitDeck)