Right-Sizing Your Plate Made Easy

In today’s world, we all know how hard it is to find right-sized portions. From fast food chains to upscale dining restaurants, portions have grown out of control. Even at home, it’s hard to get a handle on proper portions because our idea of a proper portion is so skewed. That’s where we can help. Our dedicated, professional staff has developed hundreds of products, designed to educate people of ages about health and nutrition and teach everyone how to live a healthy, happy life!


One of the most user-friendly products we carry are our Right-Sized Portion Plates and Tearpads. Both are available for children and adults. Our children’s “Right Sized Portion Plate” tearpad is a colorful plate with fun food characters, designed to teach kids and their families the importance of filling their plates with healthy foods from each food group. The front of the tearpad depicts the difference between the size of the average American plate compared to the typical American plate. Along with tips for staying active and healthy.  The back of the tearpad gets children involved with an interactive chart to help them track their daily food and activity goals.

The right sized portion plate tearpad is also available for adults. This version is geared to teaching adults how to eat healthy and stay physically active.  The front illustrates the recommended American Plate versus the typical American plate. It also provides information on how these difference impact our health and wellness. The back covers portion control, healthy eating tips and the importance of physical activity, all for adults.

Both of these tearpads, and the plates they are designed after, are great resources for parents, teachers and nutrition education professionals. The colorful two-sided handouts are easy to read and understand.  The plates are interactive and make perfect portion control as easy as 1-2-3.

If you have any questions about the products listed above, or any other NCES products, contact us today.


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